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SmartLine Smartline 

Access all of your Smart Financial accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for free! SmartLine is an easy to use system as convenient as your touchtone telephone.

With SmartLine, you can access your accounts for balances, checking or loan inquiries, retrieve your account history, and even apply for a loan (say loan application or press 6). You'll also be able to make financial transactions and inquire about dividends or interest.

To enroll for this FREE service, contact Member Services at (713) 850-1600 or (800) 392-5084.

Smartline Access To Access SmartLine: 

  • Dial (713) 850-1254 or (800) 537-7133 using a touch tone phone.
  • Dial '1' for English or '2' for Spanish.
  • Listen to the menu options and select the appropriate sub-menu based on your needs.
  • Enter your account number followed by the # sign.
  • Enter your SmartLine authorization code (PIN) followed by the # sign.
  • Listen to the menu options and select the appropriate sub-menu to make transactions in SmartLine.

Helpful Hints Helpful Hints 

  • Remember the SmartLine authorization code you selected. For your confidentiality, Smart Financial does not keep a record.
  • All amounts are entered without a decimal. For example, $25.00 will be entered as '2' '5' '0' '0' followed by the # sign.
  • Press * to hear your choices again.
  • Press # to return to the previous menu.
  • Simply hang up to end the session.