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Personal Loans

Personal & Signature Loans

Product Interest Rate APR
Up to 36 months 9.99* - 17.99%*
Up to 48 months 10.49* - 17.99%*
Up to 60 months 10.99* - 17.99%*
84 months 9.99** - 17.99%**
Revolving Line of Credit (Creditline) 10.99* - 17.99%*

Effective Date:

Savings (Share) Secured

Product Interest Rate APR
Installment Loan Share rate plus 5.00%*

Effective Date:

Certificate of Deposit Secured

Product Interest Rate APR
Installment Loan Certificate rate plus 5.00%* rounded up to the next 1/4%

Effective Date:

Other Collateral

Product Interest Rate APR
Other Collateral 6.99%* to 17.99%*

Effective Date:

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*All rates are dependent on credit worthiness. Your rate will be determined once your application has been processed and approved. Rates are subject to change without notice.

**Variable Rate: For the first 12 months, your introductory APR will be fixed at the rate disclosed above. Thereafter, the ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE will be based on the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate and may increase or decrease during the term of this transaction. The ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE will not increase or decrease more than 1 percentage point per adjustment and never fall below the initial ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE or exceed 17.99%. An increase or decrease will take effect every 12 months on the date of the initial loan and will be rounded off to the nearest 1/8th%. Any increase will take the form of higher payments. EXAMPLE: If your loan was $10,000 at 6.00% for 84 months and the rate increased to 7.00% after the first year, your monthly payment would increase by $4.18. You will be notified in writing 45 days before the due date of a payment at a new level. This notice will contain information about your interest rates, payment amount, and loan balance.