Traveling with your Debit Card

Debit card travel authorization.

Debit Mastercard transactions are monitored to try and detect any unusual activity, such as transactions conducted out of your geographical locale or irregular spending habits. Automatic fraud monitoring may, inadvertently place a block on your debit card to help prevent any potential fraud that may occur.

We recommend that you use your debit card at least once as a PIN-based transaction when you reach your travel destination. PIN-based transactions require that you to enter your four-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) into the merchant keypad at the point of sale. Your PIN works like a form of ID in the Mastercard network, as only you, the card holder, should know the PIN associated with the card. The use of your PIN helps validate that you, the card holder, are making the purchase. Even going to an ATM while traveling, to check balances, creates a pattern and will indicate to Mastercard that you are traveling and prevent a block on your card.

Should your card be blocked, you may be contacted via text message to verify transaction(s) please respond to avoid further disruption or you may call the number on the back of your card, 1-866-664-9364, to verify your transactions and have the block removed. You can also call us directly at 713-850-1600 during normal business hours.