eGuard Smart Financial Debit MasterCard® protection.

The eGuard service automatically provides Smart Financial Debit MasterCard® users added security when completing certain online purchases at participating merchants. eGuard works by prompting cardholders to enter a one-time password that they will receive via SMS text message following the detection of suspicious activity during a transaction. You may also be prompted to verify your identity when completing a transaction at a participating online merchant. All Smart Financial debit cardholders are now automatically enrolled in the eGuard program.

When using a Smart Financial debit card to make an online purchase, members may now be prompted for a one-time use code (password) to complete the online transaction.

  • If prompted, a code/password will be sent to our member/owner via SMS/text message at the cell phone number that is on file.
  • Not all transactions will be prompted for a security code/password, only when a transaction is identified as unusual or suspicious.
  • If a member/owner does not have a phone number on file, the member may be prompted to enter in other knowledge based questions to complete the transaction.
  • It is important to keep contact information updated with Smart Financial to ensure that any important security alerts are received!

NOTE: eGuard will replace any current static password solutions previously provided for MasterCard Secure Code transactions.

For more information about the eGuard program you may contact our Member Service Team at 713.850.1600.