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Just because the temperature is in the triple digits, doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. Time to trade in your daily neighborhood jog with a summer friendly alternative!

Take your workout indoors.

Join a gym and get access to air controlled workout equipment, classes, and more. Helpful hint—many insurance companies offer gym discounts, check with your provider to see what they offer before you sign up!

Having a home gym is easier than you think. Websites like and Amazon Prime offer free fitness videos. You can get a professional workout from the comfort of your home.


Make the most of it.


Summer is a great time to take up swimming. Swimming counts as both strength and cardio training, so kill two birds with one stone. Check to see if your neighborhood has a local pool!

If you can’t live without a run in the great outdoors, make sure you run in the early morning when it is coolest! Make sure to stay hydrated during these summer months!