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Balance Transfer Form


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Filling out this section will authorize us to use your Smart Financial Credit Union credit card for a cash advance to pay the balance on your existing high-interest credit card(s). Please complete the section below for each credit card you wish to pay off. Please note, Smart Financial is not responsible for any processing delays caused by incomplete or incorrect information.


Personal Information



Credit Card Information




NOTE: This transaction will take place only if you are approved for a Smart Financial Credit Union credit card. Remember, you will only be able to pay off the balance(s) up to your Smart Financial credit card limit. If the payoff transaction(s) brings your card to a zero balance and you wish to close the account(s) to avoid annual fees, please call the issuing institution. Interest on balance transfer(s) accrues from the date of the transaction posting. Please allow up to 30 days for application processing. You are responsible for keeping your other credit card balance(s) current until the Credit Union disburses the payoff(s).

If you are applying for the promotional balance transfer please note that transfers less than $1,000 do not qualify and each card qualifies for only one balance transfer promotion that is effective for 12 billing cycles from the original balance transfer request. Additional transfers during the promotion period do not extend the length of time the promotion rate is offered. You will be notified by email, virtual branch or mail when this transaction has been completed.