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We are still receiving stimulus payments and the next group should post to accounts on Wednesday, March 24.  If you do not receive your payment on March 24, please check your mailbox for a paper check, or visit IRS Get My Payment to determine when you can expect to receive your payment. We will post payments as directed by the IRS.

Our Call Center does not have stimulus payment information other than what is showing on this page. Please visit IRS Payment FAQs to find most answers related to stimulus payments.


Follow the steps below to quickly determine when your stimulus payment is deposited into your account.

Phishing Red Flags

There has been an increase in the number of unsolicited emails, phone calls, and text messages attempting to exploit individuals during this difficult time. Smart Financial will never call, email, or text you to ask for account numbers, social security numbers, passwords, or personal identification numbers (PINs).

Phishing Red flags

Authority – Is the sender claiming to be from someone official (e.g., your bank or doctor, a lawyer, a government agency)? Criminals often pretend to be important people or organizations to trick you into doing what they want.

Urgency – Are you told you have a limited time to respond (e.g., in 24 hours or immediately)? Criminals often threaten you with fines or other negative consequences.

Emotion – Does the message make you panic, fearful, hopeful, or curious? Criminals often use threatening language, make false claims of support, or attempt to tease you into wanting to find out more.

More information may be found on the websites below:

FTC Scammers Alert

FTC Giving Alert

CISA Email Attachment Alert

CISA Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks

Report COVID-19 Fraud here