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Smart Traveler Program

In conjunction with new fraud prevention strategies, Smart Financial offers the Smart Traveler Program designed specifically for members who travel internationally, outside of their current state of residence and Texas more than twice a month. Smart Financial members can opt-in to the Smart Traveler program and continue to enjoy the current ease and convenience of their debit cards. The Smart Traveler Program is offered at no charge and members can opt-out at any time.

Requirements (New Members):

  • Member becomes eligible after establishing 90 days of checking history
  • No Check Checking members are not eligible to participate
  • Debit cards held by minors are not eligible to participate
  • Evidence of frequent travel

Requirements (Existing Members):

Proof of travel:

  • Hotel charges
  • Airline charges
  • Fuel charges
  • College students must prove out of state enrollment and address
  • Evidence of frequent travel with our SFCU debit card required

Smart Financial account(s) must be in good standing:

  • Must not have any wage garnishments
  • Must not be in a fraud status
  • Must not be overdrawn
  • No History of Excessive Fraud Claims/Disputes
  • Previous fraud claims / disputes must not exceed 3 in the past 12 months

Do you wish to enroll in the Smart Traveler Program?
YES, I travel more than twice a month. I would like to enroll.

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NO, but I have an upcoming trip and would like to exclude dates. Click here to complete notification form.

Please allow 48 hours for application processing. Certain conditions apply