ATM's Houston Texas

SFCU Locations & ATMs

19 branch/outlet locations


For your convenience, Smart Financial Credit Union has 19 branch & outlet locations located throughout the Greater Houston area, Beaumont & Port Arthur, Texas and Lake Charles & Alexandria, Louisiana.

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SFCU members can make withdrawals, transfers, and inquiries with a Smart Financial Credit Union Debit MasterCard. A member may withdraw up to $500 a day. There are no transaction fees for the use of SFCU-owned ATMs. Drive-up ATMs are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Smart Financial Credit Union has ATMs located at the following offices/properties:
  • Newcastle Branch (Deposit ATM - Drive-up)
  • Wayside Branch (Lobby)
  • Conroe Branch (Deposit ATM - Drive-up)
  • FM 1960 Branch (Deposit ATM - Drive-up)
  • Kingwood Branch (Drive-up)
  • Rayford Branch (Deposit ATM - Drive-Up)
  • North Loop Branch (Deposit ATM - Drive-Up)
  • Sugar Land Branch (Deposit ATM - Drive-Up)
  • FM 2920 Branch (Deposit ATM - Drive-Up)
  • Missouri City Branch (Deposit ATM - Drive-Up)
  • Pearland Branch (Deposit ATM - Drive-Up)
  • Bingle Branch Branch(Walk-up)
  • VA Medical Branch - (3 Walk-up)
  • VA Regional Office Branch (Walk-up)
  • Saint Elizabeth Hospital Branch (2 Walk-up)
  • Saint John’s Hospital Branch (Walk-up)
  • St. Joseph Hospital Branch (Walk-up)
  • Saint Mary’s Hospital Branch (Walk-up)

  • In addition, Smart Financial Credit Union is a member of the Credit Union Friendly ATM Network. Through a cooperative effort with over 18 different Credit Unions, SFCU members can have ATM access almost anywhere in Houston. This network of over 90 ATM machines will allow members to make withdrawals and inquiries without being charged a fee. Visit the Credit Union Friendly ATM Network web site for more information and a map of participating ATM locations.