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The Financial Wellness Center will teach you how to grow your savings account, manage your credit cards and even help you improve your credit score. You will also have access to useful tools for budgeting and investing including calculators to help you figure out how much mortgage you can afford on your next purchase.

These easy-to-understand lessons will help you lay the foundation towards a strong financial future:



Learn about setting savings goals, different savings account options and smart habits to help meet your financial needs.



Credit Scores & Reports

Learn about the importance of your credit score and how it is calculated. Explore the factors that impact your credit score and different ways to protect it.



Credit Cards

Explore how credit cards work so you can use them most effectively. Learn how to compare offers, pay off your balance, and about your rights as a consumer.



Auto Loans

Learn about different financing options, fixed and variable interest rates, how monthly payments are calculated, and organizations that protect consumer’s interests.



Building Emergency Savings

Learn about spending needs and wants, and explore how small changes to your daily routine can add up to large savings over time.



Financing Higher Education

Explore the different ways to pay for higher education such as federal student aid, private loans, and grants. Learn about the components of student loans, different repayment options, and related tax incentives.



Considering Home Ownership

Explore the benefits of home-ownership and the costs associated with owning a home. Review steps to help prepare for the process of home-ownership.



Identity Protection

Investigate the causes of consumer fraud and identity theft, and identify ways to protect yourself from these crimes.



Mobile Payments

Explore how different mobile payment options work and the factors you need to be aware of when using this convenience.




Learn about the implications of overdrawing your account and how posting order and transaction type impact your available balance. Explore different methods for managing your account to avoid overdraft penalties.




Explore the costs and benefits of home-ownership, the different types of home loans available to you, and the process of securing a mortgage.



Budgeting Tool

Learn to plan your monthly expenses the right way.



For high school and college-age students 


The Smart Financial Foundation is proud to offer a free online financial literacy academy.

Packed full of short animated videos, infographics, news articles and quizzes touches on these subjects:

  • Earning an Income
  • Buying Goods and Services
  • Saving
  • Using Credit
  • Borrowing
  • Financial Investing
  • Protecting and Insuring
  • Credit Union Advantage