Rice University

    As an employee of Rice University , you are eligible for membership at Smart Financial Credit Union. Smart is a full-service-financial institution that is committed to providing superior service to every member. We have been serving the Houston community since 1934.

    Benefits of being a member at Smart Financial CU

    Our Meaningful Unique promises to you:
    Membership equals Freedom™
    Freedom to do business when, where or how you want.

    Apply online for an easy-no hassle process to get you behind the wheel faster.

    “There are 1.8 million ATMs in the world and we rebate you on all of them!”

    Our Freedom Checking* Account has the benefits you need including access to ATMs around the world for free!

    For additional information please e-mail us at smartbusiness@smartcu.org

    * Rebates are unlimited as to the number of ATM Fee refunds per month. The maximum amount for an individual ATM refund is $5.00. Refunds will be applied to Freedom Checking (account) on first business day of the following monthly cycle that the rebate eligibility requirements were met. International fees (currency conversion fees) do not qualify for rebates. In the event a rebate is not credited to your account, please call us for resolution. If the total income reportable equals $600 or more in a taxable year, the credit union may issue you a 1099-MISC.

    Important Notice Regarding Your Direct Deposit

    Smart Financial Credit Union is committed to providing superior service to every member. To help you prepare for changes regarding your direct deposit, please read the important information below.

    In preparation for upcoming mandatory changes to direct deposit (ACH) processing rules, it will be necessary for Smart Financial to streamline our current internal operational processes.

    Effective September 23, 2016, all future direct deposit transactions will be posted on your actual payday, not a day early, as they may have in the past.

    Action May Be Required:

    • Please be prepared to receive your payroll direct deposit on your actual payday as part of this change.
    • This may require that you adjust your budget accordingly, generally by one day.
    • We strongly urge you to review and make changes to any automatic or recurring payments that you may have scheduled to debit your account.
    • You will need to ensure that any automatic payments are set up to withdraw from your account after your deposit is available.
    • This may require you to contact the service provider directly to change the date of the withdrawal. This will help avoid possible overdraft fees or service interruptions.

    For reference, below are examples of common recurring payments that may be set up to withdraw from your account:

    • Loan Payments
    • Mortgage Payments
    • Insurance Payments
    • Utility Payments
    • Toll Road Drafts
    • Gym Drafts

    If you have any other questions regarding this information, you may visit a branch, or contact our member services department at 713-850-1600.

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