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    Recent Incidents That May Affect You


    In May 2017, the Credit Bureau, Equifax, had a data breach that has impacted 143 million people. Due to this data breach, social security numbers, addresses, driver's license numbers, and dates of birth may have been compromised and may possibly fall into the wrong hands.

    To see if your personal information is potentially impacted by the recent Equifax data breach and enroll in a free credit monitoring service, please visit the Equifax website at and click on the 


    Credit Card and Debit Card Compromises


    Over the last few years several major restaurants and retailers have released information that consumer credit card and debit card information have been compromised due to a breach of their network. The most recent data breach was report by a local fast food chain, and as a result, millions of cardholders may be at risk of their debit or credit card being compromised.

    To protect our members, we actively monitor cardholder activity, and data breach reports and as a preventative measure, we will occasionally reissue cards to our cardholders to help prevent fraudulent activity.  If your card is suspected of being compromised, we will notify you that a new card will be arriving soon. 

    If you receive a notice regarding a card compromise or your card being reissued, please do not be alarmed, this does not mean that you have been a victim of fraud. Simply review your account and contact us immediately if there are any transactions that you did not authorize. It is important to report these to us as quickly as possible to ensure timely investigation and refund. 

    For debit card compromises, our notice will be sent to you via email when possible, and will request that you complete the following tasks:

    • Activate and select a new PIN by calling the number on the sticker of your new card.

    • Use your cell phone to activate the new card.

    • Monitor your account by logging on to Virtual Branch for online account access, or by calling SmartLine at (713) 850-1254.

    • Contact any merchants with automatic payments to provide new card information and avoid service interruption, e.g. utilities, gyms, toll road, etc.

    • Download the new MobiMoney App to enjoy new security and convenience features including the ability to cancel your card at the push of a button.

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