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Hello Smart Financial Family:


I felt it important that I send out another update as we continue monitoring the safest way to assist you throughout this ongoing pandemic. First, I want to personally thank each one of you for your continued patience and incredible support as Smart Financial navigates this unprecedented event in this country, and in the communities we serve in the Houston area. Everyone has felt the effects, including the Smart Financial team and their families.


As your President and CEO, the safety of our employees and members has remained my highest priority. We have had to make many tough decisions that did not always prove convenient to our members but were made with your best interests in mind. Specifically, we closed our lobbies to walk-in traffic and implemented appointment protocols. We were forced to close some of our smaller branches, such as Katy/Fulshear, Westchase, FM 2920, Missouri City, and VA, as these facilities posed major challenges with inadequate staffing and state and federal social distancing requirements.  With the exception of Katy/Fulshear, which will re-open on August 22, we will be keeping the above mentioned branches closed for the time being due to these reasons.


However, I do have some good news to share about our other branches.  Over the next couple weeks, we have made plans to gradually re-open most of our branch lobbies to visitors, with restrictions still in place. Appointment scheduling with your favorite Smart Banker may be the norm for the foreseeable future, but opening these lobbies for Teller 2.0 services will hopefully provide some sense of normalcy to branch visitors.


Throughout this year, every industry has been affected and had to make adjustments accordingly. As you know, the financial industry is no exception. It is still too early to know and understand what the “new normal” will look like. We all can agree it will never be the same as it once was, even just a year ago. Enhanced technology is here to stay and more will be put in place going forward. However, Smart Financial will always offer our members the one-on-one personalized service they deserve, so technology will never fully replace the relationship building process that your Smart Financial team believes to be the essence of this Credit Union. Our people are what makes us Smart Financial, and that will not change. Forging a strong relationship with you continues to be our number one goal.


If you need help with any of our technology, we are one step away – on our website, on the phone, and coming back soon, in your local branch.


Visit for branch hours and services. We look forward to the day we are at full capacity so we can earn your trust and build that lasting relationship with you.


Stay safe and be smart!

Larry Seidl
Your President & CEO